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Vintage lamps on wheeled stands...


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For Singin' In the Rain (June this year) I'm looking for some vintage 1920's ish wheeled movie studio stands that I can drop some movie-looking lanterns on as practical kit for one of the scenes. 1920s lanterns would be ideal of course, but at a stretch I have a handful of Patt 223s that would look almost the part (99% of the punters won't know the difference :) ) but it's the stands with wheels I've not yet sourced.


Anyone any ideas?

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It might be worth giving the guys over at Ancient Lights a call, this sounds like something they would be able to help you with! Their website is www.ancientlights.tv


(I am in no way affiliated with them, just someone who has had equipment from them a few times!)

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Are you looking to hire/borrow?

Borrow would be perfect, but the realist in me expects to hire.


Office chair base and some scaff, and a can of silver spray? :P

That's already a backup plan, though wouldn't be silver.... :D





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Let me talk to our technical director this evening. We have one wheeled stand and a couple of Pageants which look great - you just need another stand. We have one other stand but is a fixed cast iron base without wheels.


I've posted the link before, but here's one of the pageants on a stand (unpowered in this shot but they do work) in a rehearsal for "Glorius!"..



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