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Call from a local Church


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Just got home from a callout.

The Church has 4 powered speakers on the walls, they asked if I could look at a problem with very loud buzzing in one and they had to switch it off for the Christmas eve and day services.

One arrival I saw some of their DMX lights flickering ocassionally...

Their 'lighting expert' had plugged DMX into a Y lead along with the output of a rack unit labled 'DA' and at the speaker was a DMX splitter. Apparently it worked ok if only the sound OR the lights are switched on.

I gave them the choice of sound, lights or a lead draped around the walls.

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That could be a new use for the 5-pin DMX standard. An audio pair and a data pair.

I've known DMX and intercom used that way


.... and I bet you didn't charge them!

No I didn't on this ocassion but I usually do, I had to do a little bit of shopping at the sainsburys express across the road and the total time away from home was 13:50 to 14:14 or 24 minutes and I'd doubt the callout added 10 minutes with zero monetary cost.


The Church today is in the same group as a Church Hall I use several times a year for which I hold keys and have additional (free) access to set up etc while the hall is not in use so I am quite lenient. The huge clue to the problem was seeing one of these:


mounted on the back of the speaker using only a M-M XLR barrel.

I offered sound or lights for free or return home for cables and install at a cost, they chose lights.


No need for payment. God will reward him with untold riches in heaven.

(But only after he's dead so he can't report back that it was a scam.)

Oh! I'm coming back alright... There are too many people I want to... Edited by sunray
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