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When projector lamps up, presentation switcher drops out


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When lamping on my Christie dwu-600G projector it seems to cause my Kramer VP-728 Presentation Switcher To drop in and out of signal to the monitor I am currently using.

It or not connected via any cable, just the power plugged in.

It seems like some kind of power issue/surge but I cannot figure it out.


I want to be able to use the projector with the switcher so need to be able to have the projector turned on within the same room.


Any help with this would be appreciated!

Kind regards,

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Do you mean this is a momentary thing when you lamp it on, then it's OK after that? Or is it a continuous problem while the projector is lamped on?

If the first one then it will most likely be an EMC problem rather than power, you get a big zap when the lamp strikes in a projector which can induce a spike voltage in your signal cables, this can make video equipment momentarily lose the signal. If the second it sounds like there is something electrically wrong.


What is the connection between the switcher and the monitor, HDMI?

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