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Martin / Jem TechnoHaze Fluid Sensor


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Hi All

So I've got a Martin TechnoHaze which is old & thirsty (much like I'ts owner) - But still functioning... (Again much like it's owner - just to a lesser extent.)

However, the fluid level sensor died a few years ago and with a bit of wire twisting bypass malarky I got it running again. This is great, but, it does need to be refilled and cared for to avoid it burning out.

So, my question is...

Does anyone know where I can get or what the Sensor is i.e. Part Number or its specs so I can research it, etc. etc.

I know it's probably a very standard moisture sensor, but which one and how sensiive... Blah blah.

Anyway, any help or thoughts would be much appreciated.

(Mostly Analogue) Damo


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I have found a crowd who do spares for hazer and they have a lot of Martin/Jem spares as well https://lichtboxx.co...jem+techno+haze

The link above is for TechnoHaze as search

here is a link to the sensor https://lichtboxx.com/jem-technohaze-fluidsensor-mit-kabel.html





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It is not a standard part, it was a custom PCB assembly made specially by Jem in the pre-Martin days. The Jem manufacturing facility is still operating in the UK (one of the very few) under Martin management so if the official Martin disti does not turn anything up, it might be worth a call to them - Martin Manufacturing in Louth, N Lincs.
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Thanks everyone,

@cheeseweasel - I phoned SoundTech, they didn't have the spare, but were going to look into it for me...

@dmxlights - Thanks I searched their site but couldn't find it; obviously didn't look hard enough!!

@timsabre - The PCB is OK it's the actual sensor that snapped off - but thanks for Martin Manufacturing tip I'll give them a try.

Meanwhile, I was working on a job with a new client yesterday and it turns out that he repairs all sorts of lights. hazers, lasers and things, and thinks he may well have one lying around somewhere!

Thanks again for replies and assistance.

Damo smile.gif


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as far as I know, the technohaze sensor uses the heatsinking properties of the fluid to keep it cool; the control pcb heats it, and if the temperature rises so far, it assumes it's become uncovered. It's soldered to the end of a piece of wire then covered in a heatshrink boot. Might just have fluid in it and need drying out and re-sealing.
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