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Trantec repairs


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Anyone know of the contact details for Trantec radio mic repairs? I had them a couple of years ago but now can't seem to find them.


I have a S5.3 beltpack with low RF output (aerial is fine) and a handheld that refuses to boot up properly - gets stuck at 'S5.3' and the frequency doesn't come up.


I found MLEC online who look like they do this but I'm sure I had the contact at Trantec/Toa direct before.


Thanks in advance.



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Indeed, straight to MLEC.


I've used another place offering repairs and was less than happy with the quality of the repairs I received (granted I didn't pay for them as they were offering "free repairs for Blue Room members", but still I was happy to pay to get genuine parts and a proper repair). One example - a noisy aerial socket. Came back just with a massive blob of solder between the socket and the pcb track. A few months later this failed and damaged the pcb. I've had to run a wire trace across the board to sort it out. Another had a smashed clear front that surrounded one of the frequency change buttons. Occasionally the button would stick in. The repair seems to have been just freeing up the button, not replacing the smashed screen.


Mike's service has always been second to none and I'd not trust anybody else with my beltpacks. I believe he has a fixed price repair service too so you at least know how much it'll be.


Aside from issues like this, I will say that the beltpacks are very straightforward to repair yourself if you've got some basic soldering skills. Battery doors, battery compartments, mini xlr replacements. All very do-able yourself. This sounds to be a little more involved so definitely worth getting them to Mike.






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