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Omnitronic Speakers


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I recently saw some omnitronic speakers for sale on a well known aution site. They look like fairly well made cabinets with a decent weight to them.

I tried to look up some specs for them (PAS-21011) but it seems Omnitronic have been taken over by steinigke.de.


I was wondering if anyone had had experience with this brand?

Some of their stuff looks pretty decent but others look like the cheap piezo tweeter boxes so I am a bit unsure as what to expect!

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Omnitronic had some OK disco kit 15+years ago, is this disco kit, and is that what you want?


I was looking at getting a few small monitors for live sound. I did manage to find a brochure for their product range:




It looks like their PAS range is one of the higher spec models although the ones I found are an older model. Have you used their kit previously?

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I think that CPC did a deal with Omni and rebranded kit, possibly Pulse but I'll not guarantee the accuracy of that. Much of Alto Auna and Stageline kit looked similar.



The speakers that I've worked on/with were substantial LDF or MDF construction (things like the DX2222 and BX1850) but I always felt they needed more finishing off, like better corners and feet.



Omni certainly was certainly low cost compared to 'top brands' and very popular in the Mobile disco field but they alway tried to portray a more professional image which they didn't quite come up to.

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