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Simultaneous Video content on multiple iPads


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I have been asked if it is possible to show the same video content on maybe 100 iPads at the same time - triggered to start remotely and, since they will be in relatively close proximity to each other, for the sake of the sound in sync with each other.

I'm assuming the content would be pre-loaded rather than streamed just to remove one variable.

It would ideally be multiple separate bits of content through out the evening.

Is this possible?


They will all be in the same large (18mx24m) room.

If it was possible to somehow also run the sound through the room PA (again in sync) that would be even better. Thinking about that, if we can solve the first bit that second bit would actually follow relatively easily.




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OBS Studio looks like it can do what you want.


Basically you'd run the software on a PC that is on the same network as the iPads, and use it to stream the video to all of the iPads at once. This guide suggests how you might set up the streaming PC. The second PC in the guide would be your iPads. Audio would come from the streaming PC, with maybe a little bit of delay added to allow for any delays introduced to the video stream.

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That's the route I first thought to suggest - there are lots of ways to do the detail, but streaming would seem the obvious solution.The question is whether the Wireless network infrastructure in the room can cope with 100 clients at once, all streaming video? I don't know if you can multicast on WiFi, but people I have spoken to say that finding a multicast receiver App (as opposed to HTTP over TCP) for tablet OS may be a significant problem.


Technically, the right solution would seem to be pre-loading the video then just sending out control packets (OSC?), but I have no idea what software would be needed to make that happen or where to get it from. Apparently there is a VLC port to iOS? I know on Linux you can control VLC from a local socket, so there you could write an OSC-to-VLC client. No idea about iOS however.

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There are plenty of options on the streaming software front but the big problem there is that latency isn't fixed so you can't guarantee that all receiving devices will be exactly in sync.


I suspect you'd be much better off remotely triggering pre-loaded content. iPads aren't my thing so I can't recommend any solutions but I'd be amazed if there aren't a few options there.

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1573041976[/url]' post='578113']

Have a look at MultiVid by Marco Tempest. He is a 'magician'/visual storyteller that uses technology extensively in his acts -- this software was designed to keep videos in sync as part of a performance.


This does look to be the answer, though I now need to work out how it fits around the other uses the iPads need to fulfil. I wonder if it could all be incorporated into an app so that punters can scroll through other content (they are being used as a program for a gala dinner) and then have the videos interrupted that and start without the MultiVid app being manually selected.


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