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Buying pyro, not by the case


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Hi Chaps


A very simple one.

Always bought pyro in full boxes previously. I know this is normally and is probably the only way due to delivery reg’s etc possibly.

But just wondering if anyone does sell individually or not. Worth a shot.


Have a talent show next year but only for one night and it would be handy to have 6 or so mines for example and 4 jets, etc.


I know it’s probably a no, but I know someone will definitely know on here.


Many thanks in advance.



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You certainly won't get any of the major suppliers selling you anything that's not in the original packing.

Whether you can find anyone in the local area who MIGHT have a part-used box that they'll let you have is a long shot, depending on what you need.


And strictly speaking it may not be legal for them to actually sell on the products without a license (I'll let Linc or Brian answer that one for certain).



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