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RDM/DMX testers.


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What do you forsee being the main use cases for you personally, Clive? Is the problem that you aren't quite sure just yet?


If you plan to do a lot of rig RDM admin that doesn't involve the desk or a laptop, then I'd suggest the Cat simply due to the interface.

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This is how we saw this decision.


Swisson - Robust, trusted. Stand alone. Simple and quick interface for channel checking. RDM works, but is slightly limited and a little clunky. Unit can be leant out, used by multiple people with ease. Doesn't require additional kit (i.e. an expensive phone) to work. Batteries swappable.


DMXcat - New and at the time good development cycle (that appears to have greatly reduced now. Nice user interface, which matches more modern desks. Single XLR is a draw back, and lack of cable check means another bit of kit required. Smaller and lighter weight.


ShowTec RDM Touch - Ability to do IP DMX very appealing. Same form factor as Swisson et al. Short battery life, touch screen twitchy. DMX reception cuts out on RDM packets. Clunky user interface.


RDM2Go - We didn't look at this at the time. Either missed or wasn't out. Cost potentially looks similar to the Swisson RDM?



We opted for the Swisson. Based on the robust nature, and ability to be used by multiple people, and not requiring a phone to operate.


For RDM we also opted for an Enttec RDM Kit which gave us all the options which no handheld tester could offer.

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I did quite a lot of shopping around and ended up buying a Blizzard Lighting Buddah. Worth checking out, very similar to the Swisson but with a few nifty extra features.

I had it shipped from the States and its still going strong after 2 years of a pretty rough life.

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