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Rock n Roll touring vs H&S

Just Some Bloke

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In my youth drove a Triumph Herald packed with Nurses all over Worcestershire after dance-nights at the BBC Club in Evesham after a lot more pints than that (slightly mitigated by knowing the roads, which were invariably empty at that time of night). But yes, good point.


You were a very lucky boy then... for one reason or another.... :blink:

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Thread necrophilia time again. Very early on Stuart wrote that there was no equivalent for a breathalyser to test for fatigue.


The article starts off by saying that research shows that driving on less than five hours sleep is as dangerous as drink-driving yet half of UK drivers admitted to doing it. Whether they ever get it to work or whether the UK adopts roadside testing the research they are doing in UK, USA and Australia is telling us a lot more about fatigue and safety issues. If it is as dangerous as drink driving to have fewer than 5 hours sleep, how risky are all the other intrinsically hazardous elements of touring when tired? 

* "Or their employers" is a timely reminder of how Just Some Bloke kicked off this topic. There is a shared responsibility.

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