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Quiet GO switch


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As the title says really!


I'm rebuilding my QLab controller after a complaint that my GO button is a bit noisy when sat out in the middle of the audience. It certainly has a "click" to it. I wouldn't say it's a lot louder than a standard keyboard key, but it's the kind of sound that seems to carry really well.


While a rebuild this box, I'm also attempting to make it much smaller. My current switches are illuminated industrial process ones, so they're really quite deep behind the panel. The box therefore stands about 60mm high, which is a fair bit when you're trying to rest a finger on it while your hand tries to steady itself on the surrounding desk. I'd really like to at least half its height.


Anybody got any suggestions? Needs to have a nice positive feel, which is tricky as that tends to come from the click. I'll only need one of them, so don't mind paying a bit for it. I'm also 3d printing the enclosure so I can handle an awkward panel cutout shape.




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Have a look at the RJS vandal resistant switches. I've got a sample of an RJS-102-16C which is quite quiet. It has a microswitch action to it and you can get them with an illuminated dot or ring. You need to make sure you get one with 3A contacts rather than 15A as I expect the larger ones would have quite a snap. CPC stock some e.g. SW03391 (they say unbranded but they're obviously RJS)
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