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Wireless VGA Sender


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Hello BR


I am trying to find a wireless sender (5.8ghz pref) that sends native VGA. I can find some HDMI ones but that would mean jumping the signal at both ends which just seems like a waste of time/money etc, so looking for ideas. Have searched but can't find something useful. It needs to be able to send its own signal and not buddy off a WiFi network, as there is none available.


I have a projector in a roof, the VGA cable between it and the wall plate has been damaged by building works and, due to said building works the cable cannot be accessed. The projector has one HDMI input that is already being used; 2nd input is VGA and they need to be able to flip between inputs without getting the ladders out.


Many thanks


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Bill the contractor for a new cable run?


Either that or just use a switcher/scaler before the wallplate, so you can have VGA and HDMI on the floor, but the projector only ever sees HDMI. Loads of different options for this, depends on your budget as to what to buy.

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Unfortunately the HDMI cable runs from the other end of the room and doesn't go anywhere near the area I need it to, otherwise your ideas would have worked. We're trying to find a workaround that doesn't involve getting them back in and ripping down the new ceiling. The contractors are more than happy to pay for the wireless option.


All the best


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