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Good wifi routers

J Pearce

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The unifi stuff needs something to teach it what to do. I think you can use a phone to do config, once running it is happy, the "issue" is if you want to add a config or something you need to re attach a controller. The cloud controller is their name, so its not cloud as such, you can use AWS, any pc or a pi to run the controller if you so wish.
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I don't think we are likely to want to change the setup too much, the setup currently is:


X32 or rack with static IP

about 4 wired/wireless Artnet nodes with static IPs


one iPad with Lumair for Artnet generation likely on DHCP


one or two iPads for X32 control, likely on DHCP.


I'm most likely looking at a UAP-AC-M and a ER-X router.

Once the setup is done, the reconfiguration of static IPs is mostly on the nodes rather than anything intelligent really being done in the router.


Only thing is with the multiple artnet nodes on Luminair we have to run the Artnet on Broadcast, rather than unicast, I'm hoping this extra traffic won't give the X32 any trouble.

Main priority is the range & reliability of the Artnet nodes.

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I bought an UAP-AC-M and a ER-X.


The erx has a wizard to set it up just as a switch, then add the DHCP back in. It’s really easy to assign static IPs at the router level so I should be able to set statics for our desks in the router, then leave the desk on dhcp but still have it always on the same ip for the app.


The UniFi APs, I tried running the controller on my computer but gave up as I couldn’t get it to connect to the ap. I used the iPhone app and you can run the ap in “standalone mode” via the iPhone app where you scan the QR code on the back of the AP in the app, configure your SSIDs and all your settings then deploy them one-off without having to “adopt” it on a controller.


(I think the controller software was a bit problematic because I’m doing it on a network managed desktop without local admin, etc, probably easier on a home computer / laptop)

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