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Telling S4 MCM and EA PAR apart?

Mr Steve

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I don't know if you can tell which is which from external appearance alone, but if you take the lamp out you should be able to see which type of reflector your S4 PARs have got. The MCM reflector is glass, and the fixture is only meant to have 575W lamps fitted. The EA PARs have aluminium reflectors, and are rated to 750W. Hope this helps.
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I always assumed the MCM' s had a plain aluminium heatsink with the 750's having a black heatsink.



The reflector of an MCM gets extremly hot (the heat has to go somewhere!), so cannot be painted.


An EA doesn't, so is.

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Generally black non shiny heatsinks aremore efficient at cooling than shiny silver. That's why dark cars are hotter than light cars and more efficient aluminium heatsinks are usually anodised black. Edited by sunray
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