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Show relay systems

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I am looking at gathering some more information regarding some show relay options. I would like to move towards a more network based option of a show relay system, but cant seem to find a lot of information.

The Idea is to have have every dressing networked and be able to send audio feed as well as a camera feed.


Does anyone know of a system that can do this?


Many thanks in advance.


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Plenty. But you are not going to find one searching for show relay.



For dressing room show relay, you can really go with any av distribution system you like - 1/2 a second delay is not the end of the world. However there are systems with sub-frame latency that are quite cost effective now. Ideally, keeping program audio travelling through linked to the video is ideal - but not always possible. Additionally (in my mind) PAGE should not be able to be muted..


I have done a few different systems in my life - one (which was quite expensive) used a matrix intercom system so that you could page individual rooms and program audio fed to all rooms. You could change the volume of program audio but not of the paged audio (which is a good thing). The fact that we were using intercom stations meant that the dressing rooms also had the ability to page the stage door (which was manned by security who could talk to the SM if they deemed it worth it - and then the SM could talk to the dressing room 2-way). Really featureful. Real overkill.


Another - we took the video feed (HDMI) and used an audio embedder from the sound console to embed PGM+PAGE on the right channel and PAGE only on the left channel. We used a 1080p av-over-ip solution (in this particular case it was a Wyrestorm system) to the dressing room. Hardwired a speaker to the decoder with a PAN knob on the front. Turn it all the way to the left, show relay is essentially muted. At no point can page be muted. The PAGE mic was just a gooseneck with a Push to Talk switch wired into the audio desk.

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If delay is acceptable (bars and dressing rooms) then an hdmi modulator effectively creates an rf signal that can be cable fed to any digital tv and tuned in like a standard free view tv channel. Easy to distribute and Tesco TVs as monitors
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