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Genie AWP


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For a very moderate rake, used properly, the Genie AWP series (and similar products from other manufacturers) offers some limited levelling by adjusting the outriggers.


For a rake of up to 6° (roughly 1 in 16) they also sell a "Super Straddle" that might also be useful for all sorts of other uses. (Gets you over seats, for example.) See page 16 of https://www.genielift.com/docs/default-source/products/aerial-work-platforms/en/awp-family-brochure-2017.pdf?sfvrsn=656cee1d_1

Assembly video: (Very slow!)


The GS3232 (mid-size scissor lift) can supposedly deal with 5°: https://www.genielift.com/en/aerial-lifts/Slab-scissor-lifts/gs3232 Quite big and heavy, though, so might just crush your poor old raked stage - check your loadings before going that way! Also, I believe the self-levelling only works along one axis, so your ability to reposition might not be great.


Failing that, some kind of "spider" boom lift might work.

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How much space overall do you have?


We used to have a Nifty120 which is trailer mount.

- "light" in comparison to most other platforms

- "small" for a boom in that you can get it through double firedoors, so 1.2? 1.5? wide

- Manual. The feet like the superstradle are manual so you can lift or lower as needed. I do not know how much of an angle you can get on it but I think it would be enough depending on how much of a rake you have


It is cumbersome in that you can't exactly hit the place you want as easily as a tower or anything that drives, but with the right placement I would expect you can get most of your space. With pratice I could hit every spot in 13x8 with 2 positions.


They do have a telescopic boom also I think its still the same reach but heavier.

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