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Safety Chains Or Not?


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Another discussion might be whether the safety bond should be attached to the body of the lantern or to the yoke...

Surely if the manufacturer has provided a duly rated point, that should be used, as then 2 failures are required for the lantern to fall (yoke bolt failure and secondary point failure). If you want a real grey area, how about debating how "reasonably practicable" it would be to retro fit existing lanterns with secondary points...


On a similar note to barndoors, Patt. 23 gel frames - does anybody safety those? They always seem awfully keen to be free of the lantern...



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I looked up and saw the light wobbling alarmingly above my head saved from hitting me by it's safety chain.



Pleased to know James that you were saved from being hit on the head from 20 feet up by a lantern, by only being hit on the head from 20 feet up by an M10 bolt! Seems to me they'd both have hurt if they'd lanted on target! Should we be fitting safety chains to the bolts?:stagecrew:


On the subject of Pat 23 gel frames, you're right they do fall out with alarming regularity. Point them straight down for a top spot (which they do really well) then wobble the bar and hey presto, one less frame in the lantern. That's why Source 4s et al have clips to hold the things in place. Isn't modern technology wonderful?

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