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Crest CA9 Bridge Rectifier


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Hi all


I'm in a bit of a hole. :(


I have a Crest Audio CA9 Amp and a Bridge Rectifier has gone.


These seem to be like gold dust.


MSI4040W (40amp 700volt)



Can anyone get these or a similar replacement.





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Since the Crest UK website isn't up yet, contact Peavey who own Crest at:


Crest Audio UK

Great Folds Road

Oakley Hay Corby


01536-424750 (phone)

01536-424003 (fax)


If you have power supply problems, and are returning the amp, you should ask them to replace the inrush limiters at the same time. Otherwise, ask if your amp needs modifying and replace them anyway.


Simon (proud owner of "CA18 Belchfire" amplifiers)

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Simon thanks for the info.


I have taken both rectifiers out and are awaiting replacements to arrive from the states, which I will refit myself.


Andy from Peavey could not help at all.


What are the Inrush Limiters and where would they be situated on the amp? why would they need to be replaced?


Your help is greatly appreciated.


BRYSON, Thanks for all your helpful info too, Easy to see why you are a Moderator on here with your wealth of knowledge.

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Crest couldn't help? Was a reason given for this?


I've sent amps back to them, and they've been quite helpful.


Given my amps were under warranty, I dodn't open them up, but I believe they use a thermister as a mains inrush device.


The CA18 used to have just one fitted, and it had a tendency to catch fire... In fact, reliability problems did quite a lot of commercial damage to Crest, and may be one of the reasons that they became ripe for takeover....



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Thanks for the info. My Ca9 has been bombproof til now but I got hold of it secondhand and it is no longer covered by warranty.

I do have a good engineer where I work tho and we kinda figured once we found out what was wrong that we could just source the part and replace it!

How wrong we were.... 8 week wait on the rectifiers!

Coming from a company in Burgess Hill who have got them direct from EDI in the states.... Aparrently I should recieve them next week sometime. We'll see!


Thanks again for you help



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