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moving head help please


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Hi all, ive just removed two very noisy showtec explorer 250 moving heads and was trying to fit 4 stairville MH-X25 led spots, after several tries and every configuration I can think of I cant even controll one of them. im using a Zero88 leapfrog 96 with the latest software installed, and ive replaced most of the leads for brand new ones but still no luck. can anyone please suggest anything to help me. thanks in advance.




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Hi Labby,


How have you got on with this issue? Have you tried the suggestions above? If you patch it to DMX address 1 when the Leapfrog 96 is Factory Reset, you should find you have coarse Pan and Tilt control on channel faders 1 and 2 (ensuring the Grand Master and relevant A/B Master faders are raised). What mode are you controlling these fixtures in?

When patching in as fixtures rather than dimmers (either onto the channel faders or MFKs), have you ensured the DMX address configured on the console matches the fixture?


Any queries let me know.


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