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Hey everyone.

I've been trying to find online recourses to awnser this question but I'm probably just asking the wrong question and searching for the wrong things .

Basically, I want to have practical props such as a lamp, that I can turn on via a DMX signal and therefore via the lighting desk. Is there a way/ device that can convert a simple plug socket into a DMX signal? Is this a stupid question and is there a simple awnser.

Thanks Owen ?

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Either plug your lamp into one channel of your existing dimmers or get a single channel dimmer and add it to your existing DMX line. Although there is nothing to stop you putting a 13A plug on a dimmer supplying a small load, you will find it harder to source one with a 13A socket on it as unfused plugs are preferred. Example is Botex UP-2-1 from places like Thomann. There are also lots of cheap 4 channel dimmers around like Showtec DIM-4LC but essentially all you need, to dim a practical with an incandescent lamp in it is... a dimmer! One little caveat is that if you are dimming a low power lamp, say less than 40W, with a stage dimmer you might need an additional lamp plugged in (somewhere out of sight) to meet the minimum load requirement of the dimmer.


Now if you are talking about other practicals with e.g. LED tape in them then that's a different matter, but there is a plethora of DMX controlled LED drivers out there, many of which can be battery powered and some of which can use wireless DMX to free them from the tethers of cable.

Your question will get some more precise answers if you are specific about what kind of practical you are considering.


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Does your stage have floor sockets? (Dips ?) -these would contain sockets controlled by the desk, look for metal flaps in the floor. These should do exactly what you want with the possibility that you would need to fit a 15 or 16A plug to your chosen practical or use a jumper lead.


Remember that only genuine tungsten lamps dim like tungsten lamps! LEDS and CFL lamps may dim badly so may need switching rather than fading on and off.



will do your job BUT comes with Schuko connectors which may need professional attention before use in a UK school setting.



Would possibly be a better choice because it already comes fitted with UK compliant connectors.

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