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We are about to purchase a bunch of laptops to events, + have a bunch of older laptops.


Ideally we would do something like a charging locker to take say 40 - 50 laptops (can be in smaller lockers) and maybe another 20 apple devices - iPads / macbooks etc.


Being in europe it needs to be schuko, but im not sure how many places make to order or how it works.


I have been doing a bit of a hunt but the few that seem to always be coming up are school based and on wheels which is not really wanted, or a company I have used before for a product, and I am not touching that company again.



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New is dell. Old is a mix of HP and Acer, and maybe something else.


What I have found at last is either a cabnet that is with power distro to socket, or some trolleys that seem to not be keen on explaining how they work but I think its the same except its schools so the idea is the PSU stays in .

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My old school has a 15 way laptop cabinet with a 13a socket for each shelf - worked ok but the plugs were a little fiddly to get in and out.


Quick search has pulled up this - you didn't mention budget but a few of them would work? Available for the EU and comes with USB as a bonus for iPads...

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@Ninja Thats not too bad they have a distributer so might be an option. I have seen options for betwee 300 and 800+ a station. I would rather be spending 500 or so a unit as we will need at least 30 slots. Arguably more.


@Stuart That is not far off a product we currently have that is so much fun. but it does give another google phrase to search !


I should add that one door for a bunch or master key is preferable to single doors.

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Might home built be a simple option ?


Purchase a lockable metal cupboard with multiple shelves. Fit inside the cupboard a number of sockets, perhaps in the form of semi fixed multiway extension leads. Drill a hole for the mains cable, taking care to use a proper gland and strain relief. Earth the metal cupboard.


Monitor the internal temperature on a trial run, and if judged excessive, drill numerous half inch holes near the bottom to admit cool air, and fit an equipment cooling fan near the top to extract warm air. For long term operation, fit an internal thermostat to only run the fan when the internal temperature exceeds say 35 degrees.


Cupboard from £20 used to £100 new.


3 extension leads each 8 way, £30


Stuffing gland, strain relief, half inch hole saw £10 Cooling fan and thermostat, about £25.


Usual caveats about electrics.



EDIT TO ADD not 13 amp sockets as O/P is not in the UK, but otherwise as above.





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