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Timeline Based Software


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I need some software to design and play back a pre-programmed show. The show will play back locked to an audio track and needs to be easy to program against the track. Audio playback needs to be within the software and needs to offer the ability to easily locate cue points when programming by scrubbing the audio. Any sort of beat detection would be a bonus.


As such, I don't think cuelist/cuestack based software is going to cut it so I'm looking at software which is more timeline based. Cues, when they come, will also come thick and fast. I can easily imagine multiple cues every second for several minutes. A single universe of DMX out will be enough. And it needs the ability to define your own fixtures and to define macros for pre-designed effects.


I've found Venuemagic which looks like ti might do it but I need to investigate custom fixtures etc.


Any other suggestions?

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It might be worth looking at Mic Poole's Qlab Cookbook for ideas.... I think he posted something on here about looking at the new lighting possibilities of Qlab4, though you may need a more sophisticated lighting controller triggered with OSC from Qlab.


QLab has it's Load to Time feature, which lets you start a sequence (including, I imagine, any lighting actions triggered by OSC commands) at any point in its timeline, but I don't think you can scrub through the audio 'audibly' so to speak,


QLab Cookbook

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Thanks, I'll have a look. There's a free download version to try.



Would QLab work...


Ah, should have managed I need it to run on a PC



I think a friend uses Light-O-Rama. Worth a look?


Thanks, I'll have a look.

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