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M32r Scribble Strip issue

Mr Steve

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I have a Midas M32R which, upon initialising the console, channel 6's scribble strip remained with the label from the last show. Power cycling the desk didn't help. I then updated the firmware from 3.07 to 3.08 and the LCD is lit up and reacts to colour, but there is no text on the screen. The channel works fine for all functions, it just won't show a label.


I have read online, on an X32 forum, that this could indicate a lose connection between the strip's display and main board.


I'm experienced with taking things apart, but was wondering if anyone on here -


1) Has experienced this and knows what the issue actually is, definitively?

2) Has tips for opening the case an accessing the panel, vs undoing 100 screws and finding I only needed to take out 3


Thanks guys

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random thoughts:

1. the 10 year warranty is retro-active - from memory anything after April(?) 2014 is covered - but check.

2. the x series are lots of screws (or used to be untl they changed it recently) and opened upside down. again from memory the m32 hing upwards, supposed to be more maintenance friendly.

3. just a quick sanity check and I'm sure you have already checked but there isn't a "safe" left engaged is there? I'm fairly sure it can't behave this way, a scribble strip should over write anyway - just a thought.

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if I remember correctly, I have seen on youtube a guy with a similar issue and it was a poor soldered joint feeding the scribble strip. looked easy enough to fix, warranty hopefully covers it, I cant say anything bad about the repair process for my x32, very quick turnaround only 4 days in total.
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