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Wireless LED sign trigger system

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Hi all,


I'm looking for a wireless way of triggering a battery-powered LED sign (just some LEDs in the shape of a word) and wondered if any of you can recommend anything for this. Ideally it would just be a simple hand-held device like a garage remote. The range only needs to be about 10m, but through around 10 rows of people standing up.


In case you're interested, it's for reminding occasional speakers of mic technique once they're on stage, even after they've been reminded by the stage crew!





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Yes, look on fleabay for "12 volt wireless switch" mains voltage units are also available, but I consider 12 volts to be safer for this sort of thing. Although primarily "line of sight" they will work with modest obstructions in the way. Get one with a very generous claimed range, remembering that this is probably in Chinese meters.


I have one, used to switch on additional external lights from indoors, I don't think that the exact unit that I have is still available, but fleabay is full of broadly similar units.




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