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LightmaXX Mini Exeo Moving Head


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Dear All,


Does anyone have any experience with the LightmaXX Platinum Line Mini Exeo moving heads sold by MusicStore. They seem to have reasonable 25W LED with good features for a £250 fixture. However how would they compare to Chauvet Intimidator Spots (155/255).


I really want to know whether it’s worth the money or I should put it into more expensive units.


Cheers James.

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Thomann have a similar unit at similar price with pile more reviews.


Depends what you actually need, cheaper options at same power level if you just want moving coloured beams, the extra cash here seems to get you roto gobo mainly.


Only 25W 14 or 17degree beam angle depending on which spec and no real red or prisms.


Factor in casing , clamps and cables to get your real total cost.

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They appear to be all but identical to the Stairville MH-X25 from Thomann other than extremely minor difference in the housing and focus mouldings. Not used the Lightmaxx but have got 14 of the Stairville units so I can report on those.


Good for the money when I got them a few years ago at a better exchange rate, fine for DJ/rocknroll use but a bit noisy for theatre. 2 or 3 had to go back to Thomann when the LEDs died but they don't get used a huge amount so I suspect the cooling is insufficient. Totally reliable so far otherwise. Oh, I had to fit a replacement part to one when brand new (efficiently supplied FOC by Thomann) as the hanging bracket wouldn't attach because the threaded hole in a little plate had been manufactured off centre.


As musht says, no prism and only a very orangey red. Deep depth of field so I rarely need to adjust the focus. Nowhere near as bright as 250w discharge unit but less than half the weight, a little smaller, lower power consumption, 3 year warranty etc.


Fine for party stuff if you just need some whizz flash, but not really any subtlety to them.

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