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Torquing Wire Rope Grips


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Probably about 3.5 Nm (about 2.5 foot pounds in old money). Easily doable with a screwdriver style torque-wrench.


I don't think that you would be able to get a torque wrench small enough - you will only be able to get torque screwdrivers for that kind of size. I bought one at work, and below about 10Nm, it's all screwdrivers.


You can get 1/4” drive torque wrenches which do from 2-20 NM or thereabouts quite cheaply - they’re common in the bike world for torquing up bolts on carbon frames.

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20Nm = 14.75 lb ft. Not that much. If it is consider getting a longer torque wrench! (Comes from someone who used to tighten bolts to 400 lb ft using a 4ft torque wrench...)


With all this chat about correct torques are you using a calibrated torque wrench? Are you setting it first then checking it using a bench tester before applying the torque? If not just tighten it to 2 white knuckles. It's just as accurate.

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