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Cheapest DMX Console with a numpad


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Apologies I know this is a very strange request but I’m a drama tech for a small school near London. We used to have a Frog 2 but then after that died, the lack of budget meant that we’ve had to survive with a cheap 192 channel DMX desk from eBay. When we have larger productions I usually to hire in an ETC ION.


The finance gods have finally decided that it’s time for the drama department to get an upgrade and aside from some new lights I’m really looking for a new (or used) lighting desk.


But there’s one thing I’m looking for in particular which is a DMX desk that has a numpad built in.


I’m literally looking for the cheapest desk with a keypad that I can use to type commands like “50 THRU 75 @ FULL





Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the most budget friendly DMX desk with a keypad built in is?










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If you regularly hire in an ETC Ion why not consider ETC Nomad. Sounds like the 512 address version would suit you fine which is relatively cheap. Combine it with an X-Keys keyboard for your syntax entry and you should be good to go. This comes with the added benefit of having your students clued up on EOS before you get a hire desk in.

As it is a PC solution there are no physical faders to speak of, but you can connect cheap midi control surfaces to EOS in a roundabouts sort of way. Again a computer would be needed and touchscreen monitors if available.


That said if you are not fussed about using EOS then Chamsys is a very economical way to go.

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Frog2 was an expensive desk and it’s not that old. Is it not cost effective to get it repaired? The ZerOS software release from Zeroo88 this summer still supports and added features for this desk. Unless it’s terminally ill for some reason surely even a £500 repair makes more sense than shelling out another £5k+ already?



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Hi Jamie,


As Kevin says, if you wish to look at getting the FROG2 repaired, you can send it back to us for repair. If you wish to stick with FROG2, there are usually some popping up on well-known online auction sites.

In terms of a new console with a built in syntax pad, the FLX console is the cheapest Zero 88 console, that will use very similar syntax and programming procedures to what you were used to with the FROG2, but with many enhancements and improvements.


Kind regards


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