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Non-Flickering LED Strip

Ken Coker

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I'm not sure I can see how the strip itself would have any influence on the problem. LEDs simply respond instantly (near enough) to changes in current so you have to look at the drivers. If it's any help the City Theatrical D series dimmers have settings to alter the PWM rate so you can choose one which doesn't cause strobing with your particular frame rate.


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LED Ltd of Ashford Kent have supplied LED tape used in many UK TV studios. I've worked on many projects using their materials. They don't flicker at High Res when used with the correct drivers. I've never experienced the LED tape being a problem, it's usually the drivers but there's a first time for everything.If colour temperature control is vital use bi colour tape. The Warm White /Cool White mix will give the flexibility you need.
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"Pixel" LED tape has built-in drivers and many of those will flicker.


DC Constant Voltage and Constant Current LED tape/modules are never a source of flicker.

- CV are just a diode and a resistor, while CC are just a diode.


(Aside from failed diodes and bad joints/wiring)


Assuming your wiring is good and the LEDs are actually soldered to the tape, the LED driver and/or power supply are the sources of any and all flicker.


If you're seeing visible flicker, your drivers PWM is too slow for the camera (settings) you are using.

- If the flicker looks like horizontal "banding", then your camera is a "rolling shutter" type (these are extremely common) and needs a much higher PWM frequency than 'classic' shutters.


Some LED fixtures and drivers have an adjustable PWM frequency, however do note that increasing the PWM frequency reduces flicker but causes dimming to become more steppy. It's a fundamental tradeoff.

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