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Glp Messenger 2


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FROM Glp.de:


The Messenger 2 is the brand new DMX-512 all-purpose Controller which we call, because of its possibilities, also gladly all-in-one. It can be addressed up to 16 Scanners and/or Movinglights each with up to 36 channels, 24 dimmer channels, 4 stroboscopes and a DMX fog machine. Thus a real all-round talent!

By two large and bright 2x48 digits LCD display as well as two 4 character LCD display the internal device library, Sound to Light via internal microphone or audio input, as well as USB DJ-light ensures also here a very easy handling.

20 Presets for strobe, 48 programmable strobe scenes, 48 programs for Scanner/Movinglights with up to 48 steps and 48 programs for conventional light with up to 48 steps those to be programmed freely.

Positioning of the Robots by using a Joystick, backup and protection of the internal data on a 32 MB compactly flash card or directly on a PC via RS 232 interface. Four parallel 3pol DMX outputs as well as Midi In/Out/Thru are completing the functions of this Controller.



Technical Data



DMX–512 Controller for 44 DMX units ( 16 fixtures + 24 Dimmer channels

+ 4 strobes )

512 DMX Channels ( 24 channels for dimmer, 8 channels for strobes and up to 36 channels per fixture )

20 Preset Strobe Programs & 48 Programmable scenes

48 Free programmable fixture programs ( Max. 48 steps )

48 Free programmable dimmer programs ( Max. 48 steps )

Internal Library is editable for all major fixture

Free access of CF card ( 32 MB ) to exchange the library or programs

The library and programs can be downloaded or uploaded to a PC

Audio input and built-in microphone for music sync. Functions

Joystick for Pan / Tilt adjustment

Blackout master

Two LCD displays, 40 x 2 characters each & two 4 -digit LED display

Two 3 –pin female & two 5 –pin female XLR sockets for 512 DMX channels output

MIDI In / Thru / Out connectors

AC 120V / AC 230V selectable



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