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Wobbly jelly


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Having done this before - I found the best thing to do was to (as mentioned above) use less water, but if you want proper "strength", find Gelatine Leaves, and dissolve a few of those in the solution prior to setting, and the extra gelatine will make it as tough as can be - experiment, but its very do-able.
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Well the show's over so thought I'd report on the jelly results if anyone's still interested.


I ended up using agar as it proved to be quite robust, it stood up to being carted backwards and forwards to rehearsals, and to the attentions of the younger members of the cast who felt the need to keep prodding it. But it does have a couple of problems. I followed the instructions to the letter for every jelly (and I made several), but found they all very slowly oozed liquid and keeping them refrigerated didn't make any difference. And getting the colour I wanted was impossible, I guess something to do with the density. But in spite of this I was relatively happy with the jelly when it went on stage on the first night. Then, typically, disaster struck, I thought it would be safer in the theatre fridge overnight and discovered next day it had frozen down one side. So had to be careful for the rest of the week that it went on stage with the 'good' side facing the audience (I'd run out of agar powder by this time)


Turns out agar will last about 5 or 6 days before it shows signs of mould, but by 7 it will be looking quite revolting (don't believe what you may read online that agar jelly is edible after a week!)

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