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rope recommendations?

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I'm not a rope aficionado but I'm sure many here are - easy to be bewildered by choice on websites that assume you know what you are looking for.


What rope should I buy to lay on grass to demark an outdoor performance area - about 100m max? Needs to be thick (25mm+?), soft, easy to handle and coil up, shouldn't soak up moisture, but with no particular strength requirements. White or natural pale colour, not too utilitarian looking. And at the cheaper end of the scale.


Any pointers gratefully received.

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To that specification you're really only going to find hemp or synthetic hemp ropes (modern nylon synthetic ropes just don't exist that thick) so searching for "hemp" "sizal" or "jute" but be prepared for the cost and also the bulk/weight involved. 100m of 25mm rope is going to be a 2-3 man carry. No rope (unless fully submerged) will absorb enough water that it becomes a weight issue but all rope will absorb enough moisture that they are damp when handled after the rain so an appropriate waterproof bag/box would be recommended.


25mm rope will look really weedy and not sit very well on the ground; you're probably needing something in the region of 35-40mm so that it has enough weight to hold itself down and looks like proper rope.


Expect to be paying around £2-3 per metre for "decorative" rope of this sort of size.

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