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"Whats it worth"


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So, due to my daughters new school being pretty comprehensively kitted up, the demand on our kit is diminishing, and I am contemplating selling the lot (well, I might keep the desk and associated for fun).

What would you estimate that this little collection is worth?


14 Clay Paky Miniscan HPEs (12 flightcased)

4 Clay Paky Miniscan HP3s

5 Martin MAC250 Washes (4 flightcased, and Doughty omega plates/brackets)

2 Martin MAC600s (Flightcased)

2 Martin MAC2000 Performance (flightcased and Doughty omega plates/brackets)

2 Clay Paky StageZoom 1200s

40 RGB Par56 Cans (24 soft cobra cased)

8 High End TechnoBeams

1 Clay Paky A.Leda B-Eye K20 with flight case shell (no actual flight case)

1 18way DimmerRack - 18x 5amp Anytronics DMX dimmers, socapex out, 63a 3Ph in.

2x Tbars and stands for Cans

4x Goliath/studio basic 2800 Wind up Stands + truss adaptors (less than year old)

4 lengths of Trilite

1 Peasouper Hazer with 2 gas bottles, DMX interface, addon fan, and 5 litres fluid

1 LeMaitre Neutron Star Hazer and 1 litre fluid

1 MA GrandMA Command Wing

1 Flightcase with 2 adjustable 22" touchscreens, USB Hub, Network switch, power distro/mgmt and PC with MA OnPC

1 High Spec PC for MA Visualiser to run on, with 27" touchscreen

1 ShowMaster Commander crappy mini desk

1 Jands Echelon Desk (flight cased)

*shedloads* of 3 and 5 pin DMX

*shedloads* of 16amp Ceeform H07 cable and other distribution and protection

Loads of spares for Technobeams (shells, cases, PCBs)

Loads of spares for miniscans (cases, Power, optics, motors, effects etc)

Lots of spare lamps (some new, some low hours)

Lots of G-Clamps and Safety wires

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Looks like you've got over £20,000 in your garage!

It's only worth what someone will pay for it...

It's really hard to sell specialist tech stuff like that, ebay is not great as everyone is looking for silly cheap prices. One of the used lighting resellers might be a better bet than ebay.

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Very true, you've got professional gear there though, you just need to find the right buyer and unless you put a high start price that probably won't be eBay, maybe worth approaching local theatres etc to see if they're interested.
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Remember that eBay will charge around 10-15% of the purchase price in fees. Also if you haven't much track record on eBay, your account will have restrictions on the value that you can list.


Also, when checking completed listings, make sure you only pay attention to the lots that sold. There are plenty of people who put up BuyItNow listings with very speculative prices. Sometimes they are relisted over and over and stay on the site for months, or the price gradually declines to something more sensible.


It might be worth having a chat with lighting companies in your area. They might be willing to take the job lot on, keep some for their own stock, and sell the rest?

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ebay hasn`t been place to sell by auction for some time, not a bad place to buy though...


Gearsource Europe is a more targeted market place.


Older equipment is not going to be of interest to hire companies,it`s too old to buy and sell on.


Facebook has a few lighting/sound buy & sell groups, just have to shake the dreamers out from the ones with actual cash.

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Thanks all, thats all really useful - If I do sell, I would prefer to sell as a job lot - realising that that would devalue certain bits, but I really cant be bothered to piecemeal it all out.

Will see what happens in the new year, as we are already asked "can we use the fancy desk"?!

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Remember how a dealer works...they pay you now for something that might, unless it's current kit, sit on their shelf for a year or more. Now think about how much they will pay for a piece of kit that is 'worth' £500.
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Also, remember that gear depreciates. Older items, like the Miniscans, will be close to rock bottom by now, but newer kit could be worth a lot less in a years time.


Dealers will factor that in as well. I suspect operations on the scale of UsedLighting are getting stock from larger venues and hire companies who view taking a lowball offer for a large job lot as less hassle than parting out kit to sell piecemeal.

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don't suppose anyone has a Celco Gold - would love to buy one to make into a coffee table :)



I have a Celco 60 I was planning to do the same with. Not sure if I will ever find the time so pm me to discuss,,,

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