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Oops!! Don Think I Should Have Done That!

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Erm... a while back at my local theatre we had a local group in to do a sort of sing a long style thingy. in between the rehearsal and the show myself and the SM decided to have a tinkle on the yamaha clavinova... which just happens to have a transpose button which knocks it into a different key... well any way, to make a long story sort of short we forgot to reset the damn thing once we'd finished messing and the first three songs of the show were played in A- (!) eek! accompanied by soft strings which we also left on... strangly enough the pianist didn't notice the tuning was out, but I'm sure the singer did!! anyway, mad dash in black out entailed to turn the blasted pinano off and back on... an then stood cowering in the corner for the rest of the act :P . Hehe!!


moral of the story? .... Don't fiddle with stupid electic pianos.. they get you in trouble!




Any similar stories?? I wanna hear them

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Did a lamp stock check a few years ago, found no spare par lamps for a 'complex' with several venues. Lighting consisted of 80% par 64 rig. Passed information on to boss people who where horrified that we were going through lamps so quickly. They got several boxes expressed over to cover the shortfall. One boss type person helpfully put the lamps away for me as I was running a show at the time. After the show he took me to the store cupboard to show me a brown box he found with several spare par lamps in. Tried to explain that I didn't count that box because I was using it to sit on and write on whilst working.

He didn't understand that one but agreed with me that if the 'turns and twirlys' wanted a door stop to let fresh air in they could do better than using another brown box containing.....



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