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Positive vibes, Moriarity!

kerry davies

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Not sure where this should go or whether indeed the Mods would approve so I shall report it immo.


Our BR colleague and purveyor of truly appalling jokes, Roderick van Gelder, has been trying to create a culture of safety in Australian events and has launched a crowd funding exercise to enable the writing of an event safety guide. Should anyone have a bob or two to spare and be interested in promoting good practice then the linky is HERE!


Who knows, he might come up with something that we in the NH might find useful?

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Thanks Kerry!


All Australian members, please have a look, contribute some money if you can but most importantly, start spreading the news!

This initiative will only be effective if we get everyone in the industry behind it!




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Looks similar to the Entertainment Technology New Zealand (ETNZ) guide to safe working practices document.

Indeed it does, sadly such a document is not, yet, available in Australia.

Hopefully this can be the start of a similar document.

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