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Panel Mount Dynamic Microphone


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Hi all


At the day job we're getting a bit fed up of replacing dynamic gooseneck mics that are fastened to the walls at various points around the building. It always seems to be the gooseneck that causes the issue - usually the bottom of the flexible section coming away from the base.


We're considering changing the mic type to just wall mounted panels. Literally a PTT switch (which has to do a closing contact to activate the bing bong and an opening contact that shorts the mic when not pressed) and a hole to speak into.


Our goosenecks are already modified as there aren't many manufacturers out there who make our switching requirement on the PTT. We're therefor not against manufacturing something ourselves. I can foresee a 2 gang metel plate with a nice big arcade switch and a mic mounted above.


The problem is, I can't seem to find any panel mounting dynamic microphones. CPC have one dynamic mic capsule but it doesn't have a mounting. It would have to be a home made mount and maybe a sheet of foam pop shield between the hole and the capsule.


Canford have stub microphones designed for talkback, but they're on xlr connectors and whilst it'd be great for swapping out faulty ones, I can see them going missing too!



Does anybody know of any sources of panel mount dynamic mics? Alternatively, can anybody suggest some short panel mounting dynamic goosenecks that are air hostess-proof?




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Canford probably sell the necessary bits, not least because they're integrated into some of their products.


Just a dynamic capsule fixed behind a slotted grill in the plate ought to do fine for PA/comms use.

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The tannoy system and its' mic zoning is sadly incapable of dealing with phantom. There's all sorts of relay shorting and input sharing going on in the amp switching circuits - all very clever but not capable of passing phantom. I could put phantom supplies on the outgoing cabling to the input panels, but it's expense and faff that we're really not able to go to at the minute.


There is a product on that west-comms link that's pretty much exactly what I need, so thanks for that one. I still might have a crack at building my own in the meantime though! I've bought a box, switch and dynamic capsule (not panel mount) along with a very small speaker grille. I'm going to try and find a way of mounting the capsule behind it on some sort of suspension and see how it works. If it behaves ok then it's a very low cost (less than £20) solution that I can knock up in house. If it doesn't then I've not really lost much and will pursue other avenues. Sadly Canford don't appear to have anything quite what I'm after (they were the first place I went looking too).








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