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It's all getting a bit silly now....

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Much as I hope I'm wrong, I doubt there will faster-than-light warp drive (or any of the other SF names for it) or point to point teleportation within the next decade. Both these are staples in a lot of science fiction.


If I'm wrong, I'll transport to the UK and buy you a beer!

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Nerve Regeneration -


Unlike spinal column nerves, those called peripheral do regenerate and the current thinking is to bypass nerves altogether. It's like a kind of wi-fi. remarkable results.


This is precisely what I mean. Our ability to imagine future technological advances is being overtaken by technological advances. Yes we are a long way from developing things into everyday use but things are moving too fast to keep up with let alone foresee.


No we have no teleportation but just try explaining 3D printing to a Dayak. Moonbase became redundant because of robotics. Things are becoming obsolete before we can build them. Crazy.

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