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Celestion RRT 50 ring transmission tweeter


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Looking for a bit of speaker help,


I have a few PA speaker cabs that use the 'Celestion RRT50 ring transmission tweeter', – I need to find a similar replacement. I have contact Celestion direct as they nolonger make them, I was hoping they could point me in the right direction tofind something close but they could not suggest anything.


After looking on the net with no real look I waswondering if anybody out there had any ideas, in an idea world it would begreat if I could find a UK supplier.


Thanks in advance.





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Those HF units really are pretty old! I had them on some second hand SSE units I was using in the 1980s... Celestion and their dealers were the only places to get the HF drivers, horn flares lens plates and spare diaphragms from. My stock of parts will have long since been sold or recycled... I replaced the RTT50s (and the 1" midrange horn that ran with them) with 2" horns on a large format flare....


I suspect that you need to look for a new small flare horn and compression driver, or perhaps consider a small ring or slot tweeter (e.g. Fane "bullet"). You would also need to check the existing crossover was still suitable....



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