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Neutrik G-Size to D-Size Reducer


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Hi All,

Long story short, I need to fit a d-size powercon panel mount into what is essentially a G-size (e.g. NL8) panel mount hole. Anyone know of an off-the-shelf 'reducer' for want of a better word? Drilling out the current hole is ideally not an option. Doesn't matter too much if the new one stands a little proud, which it may need to do in order to get all the screw in!






PS. Top Tip...Don't google 'G-Size to D-Size Reducer', if you're in work!

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Neutrak make a NL4 in a G type flange - May be worth asking them if the NL4 part could be swapped for an NAC3.


I've got quite a few of those and it's a single moulded piece - impossible to remove the NL4 part.


You could try attacking it with a holesaw but probably easier to make an adaptor plate as others have suggested. If the plate is mounted behind the surface it wouldn't be terribly obvious either.

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