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IOSH Managing Safely


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Hello everyone, new member who has just joined. I have just completed my IOSH Managing Safely via an on line training course. I wondered if anyone can advise can I get a course handbook anywhere?


My course was on line and cannot be saved to PC so I only have my own notes, but I would like ,if possible, to get a copy of the handbook which I know people have received when taking the course "in class". Is it possible to get a book ?


Many thanks in advance.






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I also thought they were "read only". For Tom I think the NEBOSH book might be something for later on if he decides to delve deeper, Simon, and for general use the HSE site is as good as is required in 99% of situations. Maybe start out with the Toolbox mini-site?


Before I retired I had a huge library of HSE guidance which I carried on a memory stick and when specifics were required it never failed me. The Event Safety mini-site alone has enough reading material to last months, just follow all the links including FAQs and more topics. Those you can save and print out if hard copy is needed.

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