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the kid

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This is kind or out of my league but o well.


I'm doing a local festival and we have a DJ who does not own there own decks.

Does anyone know where I can hire some for a reasonable price (at a guess £50-£150)





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Search for congleton sound and light on google.Im prettysure they hire them out.


but that might be a bit too far away. You could always ask your local Dj shop nicely in exchange for a bit of advertising.

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Basically I think he shut the site down for a new one. But has no time to run it any more so he shut it down.


just found the post he made:


"The time has arrived to make a few decisions and choices. These are not decisions which have been made lightly, or on the spur of the moment.


However I believe that the time has come to wind up a business, and that business is Congleton Sound & Lighting.


CSL will now cease handling sales enquiries and new customer orders, although advice on warranty issues and where to send returns will still be handled for existing customers.


Hope this helps



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