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Panto Puppet


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Use a second, simpler puppet (basically a doll) with no inner 'workings' but with added legs and tail and have him 'walked' like a toddler between two adults holding his hands (paws). Jiggle him about a bit.


Or use a hide which is appropriate for the scene and movable - eg a street sweeper pushing a barrow, which might be used throughout the performance rather than being created just for the walkdown.



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It would help if we had a vague idea how big the mouse is?One assumes not life size, and also not big bird?


He's about 12 inches tall, but only from waist to head (he's got no lower half). Imagine Elmo sized. :)


I too think that the puppeteer should get their moment of fame in the curtain call. So how about adding some floppy legs and the puppeteer can do it Avenue-Q style and just be in full view.

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You could have some fun doing it Little Shop Of Horros style - the performer comes out wearing a t-shirt with "mouse" printed on it, or the mouse's name. They take their bow and then, as if by magic, the "real" mouse comes out and magically takes a bow of his very own (on the remote control car, or in some other way that shows he's not being operated by a person. Operator and the cast all act shocked and surprised at seeing the mouse alive without any help.


Works well because your operator still gets a bow, but there's some nice "magic" for the kids in seeing the character that they assumed was a puppet, driving around himself.




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