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Wireless XLR option


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If you are convinced that radio is the only way, you need a system like Alec linked to in post #6. It's basically a radio mic transmitter that plugs on the end of an XLR cable (or a microphone).

I don't even know if you get Sennheiser kit in the US, but if not someone must do something similar.


Or if we are getting really low tech you could gaffer tape a wireless mic to the radio guy's mic so that he speaks into both of them...


Then standby for the usual radio mic fun with dropouts etc...

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well, you've been shown the link to the sennheiser transmitter set up that will be roughly £500 here.


are there no cameras near him in these locations? then you could utilise the camera cables somehow?


Another option is to talk to the organisers. it may well be that they think they are helping by allocating a "good" seat to him which actually you'd rather do without?

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do you have cameras beside the court?

Does the radio /commentator guy have to be beside the court?



an idea of the network of existing cable would help.

Basket ball isn't a huge game over here so I'd be surprised if most of us have an idea of the sort of venue you are faced with.


but the general rule is "cable unless you can't"

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the cable would be out in the open area for people to trip over.



If you gaffa around the edge of the gym, right up against the wall, this should prevent slips, trips & falls. Up, over & down door frames if need be, nice & tight, possibly using cable clips if there's a risk of pulling paintwork off.


I would not have enough tape to secure it all


Buy more tape, it's circa 5p per metre.







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I'm not convinced that wireless is the only way. I wish I wasn't even having to think about it. I'll just keep thinking and try to figure out what will work and what won't.

I have run cables for audio and comm on SuperBowl that were over 3000' (>900m) through public spaces where 80,000 people might be on game day. You run your cable where the public can't trip over it, and where it won't be damaged, and you secure it however the situation demands. I have also run cable on the Washington Mall from 3rd St to the Washington Monument, over a mile, across streets. We had to build truss bridges across the streets, but there was really no alternative, so we found a way. In my experience, there is always a way.



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