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20pin Control Connector


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I am looking for a multi-pole connector to connect to a 20core cable for analogue lighting control. Does anyone know of any which don’t cost £40 like soca does which are good quality. The cable has one already but I don’t have a clue what it is and I want to make up a few of adaptors for it. I will post a picture of the connector later and if anyone can recognise it and tell me where I can get them from that would be much appreciated otherwise are there any 20pin connectors out there or 24pin doesn’t really matter as long as it has 20pins which is similar in style to the connector I already have.


Thanks in advanced,

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Here are the pics:



The inline socket:



The panel mounted plug:




I have noticed with this connector that it does have space in it for 3 larger pins (maybe this is an identifying feature?).


Thanks for any help,

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Yep, QMs they are; I also use them for analogue dimmer control. As fitted to Lee/Colortran Scenemaster lighting desks.


I wouldn't use d-types - the latching/locking mechanism is flimsy. At least the QM is a good solid twist lock.


In RS look at part number 468-484 and similar.

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