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Radio Mics in Europe


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Hi all,

I'm putting together a costing for a future life for a show which has existed in the UK and may now tour in Europe - probably only a couple of venues.


There are 4 headband radio mics (Trance S5.5 with CPC headsets) on the show which were were hiring in the UK. Would people advise taking these to Europe (Holland probably at the moment) or asking for them to be supplied locally.


Not sure what the issues might be with local frequencies / licences etc





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If it is only 4 frequencies Band 70 works in Holland and theoretically is Pan European and licence free.. I used band 70 in Amsterdam this May and had no problems. I took my sound kit from the UK. Just factor in trucking costs - kit hire on the continent can be quite expensive but you need to cost it properly.
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