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Gas flame effect hire...


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I'm probably going to go with the pyro flame effect to be honest, as I think it's likely to be the most cost effective, although I do prefer to have the discrete control that a manual gas flame unit has over that side of things if it costs out.


Haven't used any hired units recently other than the one Le Maitre Chameleon a friendly BR-er has at his venue for last year's panto, but have in the past brought in a couple of Fire-Ants though for the life of me I can't recall from where.


I will need two matched units, so unless someone else local has a Chameleon...


So - who, in the midlands area, rents out such beasts? Don't want to stray too far from the fold as carriage is likely to be a big extra cost if I did.


(Rest assured that the competency level for pyro effects is high in my venue so no safety lectures on this one please).






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