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Manual Chain Hoists

danny boy

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Hey all,

Just need a little help to find 10metre 1ton manual chain hoists between £100-£200. Any help would be much appreciated as I have spend 1 hour looking for them on the net. These chain hoists have to be 10 metres or more lenght of chain. They have to be 1ton or over but I do not mind weather they are manual or electric as long as they are within my price range.


Thanx Dan

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Call AC lighting and ask them to quote for a Pfaff Silverblue 1 tonne winch with 10m chain. The chain bag isn't big enough for both sets of chain, but otherwise it's a good little unit.


I've no commercial affiliation, except being a customer....



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Slingsby Industrial and Commercial Equipment, catalogue hand chain pulley blocks 1 tonne hoist for £84.08 plus VAT for a standard three metre travel - extra metres at £11.41 per metre. Key Industry supply similar stuff.


(I assume you mean "tonne" (metric) not "ton" (imperial)...)




Key Industrial

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My company sells them also. Check out Rigging Supplies


One thing I will say is don't do the machine mart ones, they are the cheapest chinese blocks that come over from China for about £15.00. Also, make sure you get complete test certification and manufacturers safe useage instructions wherever you choose to buy from.


The ones we supply are tested individually and are fitted with German manufactured chain. They are also sprayed in Matt Black for Theatrical use. I can vouch for them because I use them all the time.


I know its a shameless plug, but if I can do a good deal for you, I will. :blink:

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