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coda 4 cell cyc battens


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We are recycling some coda 4 cell cyc battens for house lighting in a studio.


However I am curious as to the extra white cables that are crimped in parallel with live and neutral.

Its not the main current carrying cables that go to the daisy chain outlet connections.


All 4 cct seem to have a set.

Without breaking down the case it is not obvious where they go.


Anyone know why they are there?

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Are you running all four cells at once as house? I remember having to rewire some that were used that way (all 4 cells full on) because all the wiring (and the terminal block!) had toasted out.

The feeling at the hire shop I was working in was that strand only really designed with having a couple of the cells lit to full power (at 500W per lamp) for long periods, not all four. Might be less of an issue for modern 400W bulbs, or if you derate (do you want 2kW of open white?).

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wiring them as 2 pairs


one pair OW for cleaners working lights


other pair gelled as a softer option for performance house lights


don't intend to run all 4 at once , as others have pointed out it toasts the wiring if a 4 cells are left on full


had already been thinking about dropping wattage to 300 as the rig height is low in the studio so don't need the amount of light you get with 500 watts

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