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ETC Selador Hire

Glyn Edwards

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I am looking to hire some Selador Lustr 63s for a 4 month period. Sadly I'm struggling to find them so do the people of the Blue Room know who might have them in a hire stock?


Any leads gratefully appreciated.




PS Can somebody correct the thread title for me please?

[mods]Anything to oblige.[/mods]

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Hope I'm not stating the obvious but normally WhiteLight are the best bet for ETC products. Also Hawthorns.


With both companies, since it is a 4-month hire and they stand to make a good rental fee, they may be prepared to buy if you ask them.

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63" units will be fairly rare in hire stock as they're physically very big.


Most of the big hire companies will carry the shorter ones, 42" and 21".

They're generally butted together to get the longer lengths.


The 63" versions are usually only used where it's difficult to hang a few of the shorter ones end-to-end, or where the throw is very short.

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