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Black backdrop with stars or LED lights?


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My friend asked me to help him make stuff for his show as he lost his previous ones while performing abroad.

He s looking for a 10mx4.5m black backdrop with stars on it.

He had stars painted on the previous backdrop but when the light dimmed during the show they couldn't be seen.

He thought of using LED lights instead to remedy that problem. I saw some net of LED lights available online and thinking of using that, blank a few of them and recreate a basic "nightsky" spread of lights (not a copy of a NASA pic as I've seen on instructables website - although its amazing and beautiful - but its not what my friend wants.).

I never made a backdrop before but was recommended to use molton and saw it mentionned on here too(from mcdougall - for info). Im not sure if its affordable but will try to find out.


The backdrop is meant to be hanging and taken off.

Is there any tip that I could potentially miss/struggle with about hanging a long and I guess heavy backdrop?



Secong thing is to make basic standing coat hangers. I have an idea for these but ideas, advices are very welcome as again I never made anything like that and I know that experience counts a lot for anything making.


I made a couple of crazy stuff with a very skilled prop maker last year and learned a lot but I'm specialised in nothing, im not bad with my hands and finding basic solutions but I'm far from being an experienced and skilled trademan.

I am a handy man, simple-puppet maker, who like to play with sand and wood, paper and tape and who likes to get in trouble saying yes to jobs he s never done...


All your input is welcome!

Many thanks in advance

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10m x 4.5m will be too heavy to carry or hang unaided so assemble it from smaller pieces.


Try renting or hiring


THINK how to support it -lots of points or stands to support 100kilos ish

..... How to power it and control it beware using more power than you have available, or needing more dim or switch channels that you have.

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