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5" or similar lip fill speaker to complement QSC K series


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Hi all


Current employer runs QSC K series speakers for corporate work. Some venues we do are long and narrow, or a tall ceiling (6m) - either way, I feel we need some speakers to go on the front of the stage as lip fill.


Currently just putting whatever is to hand on the front of the stage on it's side- as I'm sure you can appreciate a k12 on it's side is huge!


Would prefer powered, 5 or maybe 6"... what's out there? I've used Proel Flash5A's for a similar thing for a previous employer. ... not sure if the local distributor has any any more?


Conical horn is probably preferred - or rotatable -there's a slim possibility they would get used as the only pa in small breakout rooms.


Cheers - please ask questions if I've omitted any good information from the question :)



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Martin Audio DD6 will fit the bill perfectly.

Rotatable horn, 3 angles, very good all round (loud) speaker.

16ohm, pin1 / pin 2 switch, 2 NL4 on rear panel and on one end.



Was looking at this only yesterday, but can't help thinking that its main selling point, the differential diffusion, would make it rather unsuitable for near-field fills?

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